New digs and a new look!

We've moved! Okay well we haven't physically moved but our little slice of the digital world has moved and my is it roomy in here. The new format will allow us to update content as well as post on our blog with more ease and regularity. Please dig around and check out our new website, much of the content is familiar but our new site features two very special things, our new logo, and some photos from a recent photo shoot!

1. New Logo: the wonderful and local Jennifer Fankhauser of Studio 71 Design designed our new logo featured here on the accompanying business cards. Some of you may have already seen these rolled out recently as reminder cards for your pet's appointments!

2. Photos: Most of the beautiful photos of our office, staff, and patients were taken by the marvelously talented Andrea Algiers when she came to town for a visit. Andrea was also kind enough to take some portraits of our staff with their pets. View a glimpse of those beautiful portraits below.

Hope you all enjoy the new look!